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Chapter 1 Climate and Environmental Modelling Programme (CEMP)(PDF, 15691 KB)

Chapter 2 Solid Earth Modelling Programme (SEMP)  (PDF, 5595KB)

Chapter 3 Computational Industrial Mechanics Programe (CIMP)   (PDF, 947KB)

Chapter 4 High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN)  (PDF, 275 KB)

Chapter 5 Knowledge Activities and Products: Publications, Presentations..   (PDF, 97KB)

Chapter 6 C-MMACS Academic Programmes   (PDF, 576 KB)

Chapter 7 Collaborative Programmes and Projects  (PDF, 71 KB)

Chapter 8 Team C-MMACS: News and Updates  (PDF, 38 KB)

Chapter 9 Highlights: 2009-2010  (PDF, 36 KB)

Author Index

Author Index

Front Cover: (Clockwise from top): Fuming cone of Barren Island volcano, India's lone active volcano east of Andaman Islands, inset shows volcano deformation monitoring survey being carried out there by C-MMACS, Interannual variations of chlorophyll in Central Arabian Sea using TOPAZ biogeochemistry module embedded in the Modular ocean Model (CORE FLUXES), First prototype of indegeniuos ground-based cloud Seeding system, Continuous monitoring of co2 at Hanle, Buckling Behaviour of Carbon Nanotube, Simulation of cloud cover over the Western Ghats with a dynamical cloud model, General Seismotectonic and topographical map of NW Himalayas and adjoining area with earthquake epicentres (circles) and the recording stations (triangles).

Back Cover:  The CSIR Climate Modelling & Observation Network (CSIR COMoN) has been developed through a national research alliance CSIR COMoN has provided the first glimpse of the meso-scale weather structure over the national capital region (daily minimum temperature at four locations: CSIR NPL and 3 IAF sites: Hindon, Rajkot and Narela). The inset provides schematic representation of the telemetric data reception for COMoN.