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Introduction (PDF,854KB)
Chapter1 Climate and Environmental Modelling (PDF,7.76MB)
Chapter2 Modelling of Geological Hazards and Resources (PDF,3.34MB)
Chapter3 Industrial Computational Mechanics (PDF,3.10MB)
Chapter4 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems (PDF,2.99MB)
Chapter5 Computing Environment (PDF,1.08MB)
Chapter6 Publications and Presentations (PDF,740KB)
Chapter7 Other Scinetific Activities (PDF,939KB)
List of Projects (PDF,410KB)
Staff News (PDF,977KB)

Front Cover:   Selected fields during August, from the coupled physical-biological model of the Indian Ocean. Clockwise from top left: (a) Potential Temperature (oC) and currents (cm/s), (b) Nitrates, (c) Phytoplankton, and (d) Zooplanton. the units for b,c and d are mMol-N/cubic meter. See section 1.4 for a detailed decription.

Back Cover:   C-MMACS Computing environment.