Year 1995-1996

Chapter1 Climate Dynamics and Variability
Chapter2 Hazard Modelling and Quantification
Chapter3 Modelling for Resources
Chapter4 Modelling for Design
Chapter5 New Algorithms / Techinques
Chapter6 The Computing Environment
Chapter7 Publications and Presentations
Chapter8 Other Scientific Activities
Projects : An Outline
Staff News

Front Cover:   Top left: Simulation from a three-dimensional ocean general circulation model for the month of July for the Indian Ocean showing strong current and upwelling in Sonali region; Top right: Leading-edge vortex breakdown on a 70(degreee) delta wing at 30(degree) incidence; Bottom left: Simulation of a landslide; Bottom right: Chaotic advection for two flow fields representative of large scale atmospheric flows

Back Cover:   A view of the C-MMACS GPS station at IISC Campus, Bangalore