CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation



Chapter1 Climate and Environmental Modelling
Chapter2 Earthquake Hazard and Tectonics
Chapter3 Industrial Computational Mechanics
Chapter4 Other Modelling Areas
Chapter5 Computing Environment
Chapter6 Knowledge Products: Publications, Presentations..
Chapter7 Academic Programmes
Chapter8 Collaborative Programmes and Projects
Chapter9 Team C-MMACS: News and Updates
Chapter10 Highlights

Front Cover:   Part of the spectrum of modelling and simulation activities at C-MMACS ranging from (top left) Seismic Studies, Simulation of Primary Productivity, Internet Monitoring Tool developed at C-MMACS, Advance Forecasting of Monsoon and Finite Element Analysis.

Back Cover:   Genesis and evolution of low-pressure systems in a GCM simulation. From the bottom panel clockwise: from a loosely organized system, multiple low-pressure centres develop; leading, finally, to selective intensification of one system to a cyclone.