CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling And Computer Simulation




Chapter 1 C-MMACS Environmental Modelling Programme  (PDF, 2429 KB)
Chapter 2 Solid Earth Modelling Programme (SEMP)  (PDF, 1952 KB)
Chapter 3 Computational Industrial Mechanics  (PDF, 1633 KB)
Chapter 4 High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN)   (PDF, 687 KB)
Chapter 5 Knowledge Products: Publications, Presentations..   (PDF, 240 KB)
Chapter 6 C-MMACS Academic Programmes  (PDF, 214 KB)
Chapter 7 Collaborative Programmes and Projects  (PDF, 207 KB)
Chapter 8 Team C-MMACS: News and Updates  (PDF, 363 KB)
Chapter 9 Highlights: 2003-2004   (PDF, 197 KB)
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Front Cover:   A Spectrum of modelling and simulation activities at C-MMACS, driven by CSIR Vision

Back Cover:  The Network of CSIR laboratories and their respective task in the Network Project of Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation: Brown indicates the laboratories in the Sub-task I while green indicates the laboratories involved in Sub-task II.