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Chapter 1 C-MMACS Environmental Modelling Programme (CEMP) (PDF, 1546 KB)
Chapter 2 Solid Earth Modelling Programme (SEMP)  (PDF, 823 KB)
Chapter 3 Computational Industrial Mechanics Programe (CIMP)   (PDF, 549 KB)
Chapter 4 CSIR Network Projects on Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation  (PDF, 1557 KB)
Chapter 5 High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN)   (PDF, 614 KB)
Chapter 6 Knowledge Products: Publications, Presentations..   (PDF, 745 KB)
Chapter 7 C-MMACS Academic Programmes  (PDF, 321 KB)
Chapter 8 Collaborative Programmes and Projects  (PDF, 311 KB)
Chapter 9 Team C-MMACS: News and Updates  (PDF, 259 KB)
Chapter 10 Highlights: 2004-05  (PDF, 181 KB)
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Front Cover: C-MMACS combines under one roof, a spectrum of activities involving mathematical modelling and high-performance computing. Clock-wise from
top right corner: monsoon forecasting, atmospheric meso-scale simulation, engineering modelling, ocean simulation, solid earth modelling.

Back Cover:  A post-forecast evaluation of C-MMACS taluk level, experimental long-range forecasts of monsoon rainfall, 2004 for the state of Karnataka. The number in each district indicates a measure of success of the forecast (0-100) for monthly rainfall anomaly. The performance is excellent over the eastern part, while it is very poor over the western districts characterized by strong land-ocean contrast, sharp orography and dense vegetation (comparison: courtesy Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre,
Govt. of Karnataka).